Emilia Clarke: Game Of Thrones Season 6 Stands As The “Biggest, Baddest” Yet, New Clip Emerges


Rally the realm! With only four days to go until the premiere of Game of Thrones season 6, we’re now standing on the scorched rim of HBO’s political cauldron, gazing down at the molten stew of political drama and raging battles that await.

Now that season 5 scattered Westeros’ chess pieces all across the board, one of those most affected by the events that unfolded is Emilia Clarke’s would-be Queen, Daenerys Targaryen. Left in the clutches of a Dothraki war tribe, the actress recently spoke with Variety about the monumental nature of season 6, which she holds up to be the “biggest, baddest” run of episodes in Game of Thrones history.

Per Variety:

Oh, a lot’s happened this next season! Every season’s really difficult as to the anticipation of what’s going to come out. I say this every season, but I mean it more than ever this time, this is the biggest thing. I’m going to be surprised if people’s televisions don’t explode, like actually explode or computers have to be pushed aside. It’s huge, it’s ridiculously huge. I remember reading the scripts and being like, “So, everything we’ve ever managed to do in one entire season, we’re like doubling and putting into Season 6?” It’s astonishing. It’s really, truly astonishing how much work has been done out of one season. It’s the biggest, baddest season so far, for sure.

There’s also an all-new clip emerging from the black, this time focusing on Sansa Stark and the dishevelled Theon Greyjoy, now known as Reek. Arriving via Jimmy Kimmel Live, the footage features the pair of fugitives taking a plunge in the icy cold waters of the North.

Game of Thrones season 6 will roar onto the small screen on April 24. It marks a defining time for HBO’s flagship, too, with talk of shorter seasons in the years to follow, not to mention George R.R. Martin’s pitch for a spinoff focusing on a certain Ser Duncan the Tall.

Source: Variety