Game Of Thrones Actors React To Season 7’s Momentous Jon Snow Reveal


It was a reveal that had been long on the cards – remember when Ned Stark first teased the identity of Jon’s mother all the way back in Game of Thrones season 1? – but on Sunday’s finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf,” director Jeremy Podeswa revealed the truth: Jon Snow has been a Targaryen all this time.

Expertly woven into the impassioned love scene between Daenerys and Kit Harington’s King of the North, season 7’s final episode confirmed Jon Snow to be the trueborn son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, who actually staged a super-secret wedding that was only uncovered when Samwell Tarly (read: Gilly) visited the Citadel.

It’s certainly ruffled a few feathers among the Game of Thrones community, while the cast members have some thoughts of their own. Per EW, series stalwarts Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) and Kit Harington (Jon Snow) shared their reactions to season 7’s incestuous Targaryen love scene and Jon’s real name.

Upon learning that her Mother of Dragons had slept with her nephew, Clarke joked, “Ewwwww! I think that’s how it’s going to go. I get the toothbrush–” she pretended to frantically brush her tongue.

Meanwhile, the Targaryens have a long and spotty history of incest, and that’s something Clarke hoped Dany would avoid.

Exactly! And then I walked back into it. I’ve worked so hard, I don’t want to share that throne. No. The throne’s big enough for one dragon bum, and that’s mine. That’s it!

Kit Harington, on the other hand, spoke more about what it was like to film that sex scene in question. Free of dialogue for dramatic effect, Jon and Dany’s most intimate scene was a game-changing moment, much to the dismay of Peter Dinklage’s Hand of the Queen, Tyrion.

Usually, you go into a movie and meet [your costar] for the first time and you develop that chemistry over that time. But if you’ve known somebody for seven years and shared this incredible journey in your own lives together … we’re both kind of freaking out about it. I would be like, ‘What’s the sexual tension in this scene?’ and she’s like, ‘Stop talking about sexual tension!’ It’s a unique experience to be in as an actor and you know the world is watching.

Clarke added:

“Yeah [I would say], ‘Would you just stop? Just give me some sexy eyes, don’t keep talking about sexual chemistry all the time,’” and added about the scene itself: “I love that when we get to the saucy stuff it’s a beautiful acceptance of a wordless … yep.”

“His name is Aegon Targaryen. You have to protect him. Promise me, Ned.” Season 7’s momentous reveal will likely cause a ripple effect that will last long into Game of Thrones season 8. It’ll span six episodes in total, too, so there’s still plenty of content to cram into a relatively short space of time. Cleganebowl, anyone?

Source: EW