Game Of Thrones Spinoff Will Feature 17 Dragons

Game of thrones
Image via HBO

A Song of Ice and Fire writer and the man behind the creation of Westeros has revealed that the upcoming spinoff show to HBO’s Game of Thrones will feature 17 dragons.

You heard it, folks. It seems that the network is pulling out all the big stops for the prequel series, currently in production and titled House of the Dragon. We all remember a time where the first few seasons of the original show could barely set aside the budget for Daenerys’s three small dragons, let alone 17 fully grown ones. George R.R. Martin’s fictional universe has come a long way since then, and expectations are high for the live-action adaptation of the period known as the Dance of the Dragons.

Indeed, the story will take place 300 years before the War of the Five Kings, with the descendants of Aegon the Conqueror, who comprise the Targaryen dynasty at large, fighting over the Iron Throne and using their dragons to wreak carnage in the Seven Kingdoms.

At the moment, details about the narrative itself are tightly under wraps, of course, so fans will speculate over anything the production crew might let slip. Only this time, the creator himself has revealed that the new series will include no less than 17 different dragons, all with their unique personalities.

“I’ve always thought this was a cool story, it’s one I like, so I’m looking forward to seeing it come alive on screen,” He said on The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of podcast. “And of course I’m looking forward to the dragons! Obviously, I love the dragons. We had three of them in Game of Thrones but now we got like 17 of them. And hopefully, they’ll each have their own personalities, they’ll be instantly recognizable when you see them, the colors and all of that, because the dragons do have personalities in the books, and it’ll be great to see that come alive. And the dragon riders. That’s all pretty cool.

House of the Dragon, the first spinoff series to the globally popular Game of Thrones, is still undergoing production and will debut sometime in 2022.