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Game Of Thrones Fans Freaking Out Over [SPOILERS] Death Tonight

By this point, Game of Thrones fans are used to shocking deaths on the show, but viewers just can't seem to get over this one.

Game of Thrones

Obviously, we don’t need to tell you that Game of Thrones is known for its shocking deaths. No matter how safe or in the clear someone might seem, the showrunners always know how to pull the rug out from under us at just right the moment, leaving everyone with their jaw on the floor.

While tonight’s death might not’ve been on the level of say something like the Red Wedding, it was still quite a shock and understandably, the fans are reacting accordingly. But first, let’s recap what happened.

As you know if you’ve seen the episode – and if you’re reading this, we assume you have – Dany lost Rhaegal tonight. Yes, the dragon was hit repeatedly by arrows fired from some rather large crossbows on Euron Greyjoy’s ship and after being struck multiple times, the creature takes an arrow to the neck. It turns out that was too much to handle and unfortunately, it was at that point that Rhaegal met his maker.

Unsurprisingly, it was heartbreaking for a lot of people to watch this all play out and below, you’ll find just a sampling of what folks are saying about the show’s most recent shocking death.









As fans will know, Rhaegal is now the second loss of a dragon that Dany’s suffered, with Viserion being killed last season. Admittedly, that one was a bit worse as the beast wound up under the command of the Night King, but watching Rhaegal’s death was still painful and will no doubt have the fandom talking for weeks to come.

But the show must go on and go on it will, as Game of Thrones continues next week with episode 5, which given that it’s the series’ penultimate outing – I know, we can’t believe it either – should be another can’t miss installment.

RIP Rhaegal, you will be missed.

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