Game Of Thrones’ Maisie Williams Reveals Where She’d Like Arya To End Up


Game of Thrones may be over for another season (indeed, fans may have to wait even longer than usual for their next annual return to Westeros), but the fallout from that incredible season 6 finale is still being discussed/debated all around the web.

The episode was full of shocks and surprises, including the gruesome scene in which young Arya Stark finally gets revenge on the man who orchestrated the murder of her mother and brother at the infamous Red Wedding. Arya may have seemed pleased with herself at the time, but remember, there are still a few names on her kill list.

EW caught up with actress Maisie Williams recently to find out where she’d like to see her troubled character end up as the series heads towards its conclusion. Of course, we all hope that she’ll eventually reunite with what remains of the Starks, but Williams feels too many things have changed for them to attempt to be a real family again.

I’d love for her to be a bit of a lone ranger, I’d love for her to be kind of like The Hound. I don’t really want her to reunite with her family because I don’t think that they’re the same people anymore or that she’s the same person anymore. I think she’s better off on her own. I’d love for her to be alive, actually, and be her own boss

The actress may not want to see it happen, but you can be fairly certain that Arya will encounter at least one of her siblings before the show is done. In the meantime, expect the young wolf-girl to continue scratching names off her list.

There is currently no set premiere date for the seventh season of Game of Thrones, but as always, we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we hear anything.