Game Of Thrones Fans Pay Tribute To Jon And Ghost’s Emotional Reunion

Game-of-Thrones-Beyond-the-Wall-Jon-Snow (1)

In one of the more emotional moments of the Game of Thrones series finale, Jon Snow finally got to give Ghost the cuddles the direwolf deserved. After causing some uproar over his relatively cold goodbye to the animal earlier this season, Jon’s greeting to his loyal pet was a sign that the battle-scarred character was finding some peace.

Fans of the show certainly thought so, and celebrated the reunion between Jon and a battered but still loveable creature. To begin with, here’s the lovely scene in question:

Others went the tribute route and posted the story of Jon and Ghost’s long relationship:

The moment has already inspired some fan art as well, proving that the love between a man and his direwolf is one of the truest kinds on the show:

All were in agreement that the moment was a tribute to Ghost’s loyalty, and definitely worthy of some man and direwolf attention:

Some users actually wondered whether the reunion was a clever ploy by HBO to warm up fan sympathies after some pretty controversial final episodes:

The excitement of the moment may have even led some fans to consider Ghost as one of the series’ better candidates for ruling the Six Kingdoms, beating out the somewhat debatable choice of Bran:

For others, Jon petting Ghost was the fitting end to the series, more so than the many other landmark moments in the finale.

Some fans were, however, more skeptical that Ghost would forgive Jon for his earlier brush-off:

Fans were also a little disappointed that Arya couldn’t have one last reunion with her own direwolf Nymeria before heading off on her journey to the west:

Although it may have been one of the quieter moments of the Game of Thrones finale, we were happy that the series could acknowledge Jon’s past, all in the service of the character losing the burden of his heritage and embracing the north.

What did you think, though, of the Jon and Ghost reunion? As ever, leave your thoughts in the comments section below.