Game Of Thrones Star Reportedly Eyed For Villain Role In The Witcher Season 2

The Witcher

It’s not rare to see a noticeable divide between the opinions of critics and audiences/viewers. A lot of the time there’s an ulterior political motive at play, with people determined to review-bomb certain movies or TV shows, while in other instances the critics just get it wrong. But sometimes, there really isn’t a decent explanation.

The most recent example of this is Netflix’s The Witcher. Ever since hitting the streaming service earlier this month, the adult fantasy series has been struggling with critics, with it currently rated as Rotten and Rotten Tomatoes summarizing it as “half-formed.” However, the audience rating is far better, sitting at a whopping 93%.

As such, it only makes sense that we’re now getting a second – and very possibly a third – season of the show. And with production beginning to get underway on the next run, it looks like Netflix has started looking for additional cast members to fill out what’s already an excellent line-up of talent. And one name apparently on their radar is Game of Thrones star Charles Dance, perhaps best known for his role as Tywin Lannister on HBO’s hit fantasy series.

According to our sources, the actor is being eyed for a villainous part, though the exact character he might play remains unclear. All we’ve been told is that the streaming giant has him on their radar and would like him to get involved for season 2 of the show. And given that this intel comes to us from the same sources who also said Bill Murray was returning for Ghostbusters: Afterlife and that a Swamp Thing movie is in development, both of which have since been confirmed (the latter by Bloody Disgusting), we have no reason to doubt it.

But again, this isn’t a sure thing just yet and we imagine Dance is far from the only name on Netflix’s wishlist for whichever role this may be. Still, he’s a tremendously talented actor who’d fit right in with the cast of The Witcher and as season 2 continues to take shape, we’ll be sure to keep you posted of any further developments that might arise.