George Lucas Pays Jon Favreau A Visit In New Mandalorian Set Photo


Though it’s been many years now since the Star Wars franchise was the playhouse of one George Lucas, the old boss apparently still likes to pop in every once in a while to see what Disney’s been doing with the property he created. Such is the case on the set of The Mandalorian, as writer Jon Favreau was treated to what he calls a “Birthday Surprise.”

A new photo shows Lucas and Favreau together on the latter’s special day, and while there’s not much to be learned about the upcoming TV series from this image, it’s still a nice picture to hold us over until some real news comes our way – which should hopefully be soon.

George Lucas isn’t the only blast from Star Wars past that Favreau has exhibited on his Instagram this week, though. A few days ago, the creator of The Mandalorian shared an image of a rifle owned by the title character that fans quickly traced back to a weapon wielded by Boba Fett in 1978’s The Star Wars Holiday Special.

At the same time, Favreau uploaded a pic of a bucket-like object that many have compared to the “ice cream maker” prop carried by Willrow Hood in The Empire Strikes Back. It’s unclear whether this item could play a significant role in the live action show, but given the object’s reputation, it could well serve as little more than an Easter Egg for the fans.

With no cast members yet announced for The Mandalorian, we so far know more about the props featuring in this show than the people, but as additional set photos make their way online, you can at least expect a few more clues to emerge about Favreau’s intentions for the small screen spinoff.