George R.R. Martin Developing Captain Cosmos Series For HBO

Game of Thrones George Martin

Game of Thrones George Martin

Fantasy mastermind George R.R. Martin is gearing up for another small screen adventure. The man behind the hugely popular A Song Of Ice And Fire series of novels, which formed the basis for HBO’s Game Of Thrones, is cooking up a brand new show for the cable network. Titled Captain Cosmos, the series has entered preliminary stages of development with Martin’s The Outer Limits collaborator Michael Cassutt set to pen the pilot.

And thus far, the basic plot is seemingly mined from some of the duo’s shared experiences as writers. A heavy dose of meta flair runs through the brief logline, which is as follows: “At the dawn of the age of TV in 1949, a visionary young writer creates a science fiction series that tells stories no one else will dare to tell.”

Martin’s involvement – and specific role – are not expected to command much of his time. In recent weeks, the author has canceled several high-profile appearances at conventions across the country to focus his efforts on completing the sixth book in the Song Of Ice And Fire series.

Currently working hard on The Winds Of Winter, Martin expressed his frustration to EW concerning his progress on the novel. After wrapping up work on A Feast For Crows, the fifth book, he streamrolled right into the sixth before shoring up to concentrate on other endeavors. That move is certainly no mistake, as it’s his prerogative to write as he likes, but now that he is striving to complete the tome that has had a domino effect in other areas.

For example: typically Martin contributes one episode to every season of Game Of Thrones. This year, he has turned down the gig in favor of pushing forward on Winds in order to hit his self-imposed 2016 deadline. For those fans who simply cannot wait that long, head over to Martin’s blog to read the latest Sansa-centric excerpt, which was published in the last 24 hours.

With regards to Captain Cosmos, we will keep you updated on the show’s progress when any new developments arise.

Source: EW