Georgia Tennant Shares Hilarious Photo Of Two Doctor Who Stars


For Doctor Who fans, Georgia Tennant is a must-follow on Twitter. The actress not only starred on the series herself back in 2008, but she’s also married to Tenth Doctor David Tennant and her father is Fifth Doctor Peter Davison. We’re pretty sure every Whovian would love to be a fly on the wall at the Tennant-Davison family Christmas, and thanks to Georgia, we’ve got a hilarious glimpse at what life with two Time Lords is like.

Tennant shared a snap on social media today showing both former time-travelers looking like they’re struggling to handle a household chore. The actress had the perfect caption as well, writing: “How many Doctors does it take to change a light bulb?” Apparently more than two. Quick, somebody call in Matt Smith!

Naturally, fans had a field day with this and came up with various rib-tickling replies. The one below from Twitter user @DoctorMastah is probably the best, as it nails exactly what would happen if all 13 Doctors got together to fix a light bulb – they’d argue about it and complain about the redecoration (a running joke whenever a past Doctor sees what the current one has done to the TARDIS).

While she’s related to the Doctors off-screen, Tennant’s character within the Whoniverse can also say the same thing. For those who don’t know, she played Jenny, the Time Lord’s cloned offspring in “The Doctor’s Daughter.” We still haven’t seen her return to the role in the time since, but at least this year brought us her own audio drama spinoff from the folks at Big Finish Productions. And next year she’ll get to star in another boxset with her real-life dad Davison.

As for the present incarnation of Doctor Who, be sure to catch Jodie Whittaker in the hour-long special on New Year’s Day.

Source: Twitter