Georgia Tennant Says She’s Game For Doctor Who Team-Up With Jodie Whittaker


Between the casting of Jodie Whittaker as the illustrious Time Lord and Chris Chibnall climbing aboard as series showrunner, it’s fair to say that Doctor Who season 11 will herald a bold new era for the hit BBC drama. But there’s one person still hoping that this year’s installment will call back to the past – specifically to 2008, when Georgia Tennant was introduced as the Time Lord’s cloned daughter.

It was merely for one episode, but such was Tennant’s ability to resonate with Whovians that even now, 10 whole years after the fact, the actress is still soliciting questions about a future Doctor Who role.

Over on Radio Times, Tennant was asked straight-up if she’d be game for sharing the screen with Whittaker’s incoming Doctor, to which she replied:

That would be pretty cool, yeah. I have high hopes for Chris Chibnall.

Granted, it’s not one to stop the presses, but as far as Doctor Who is concerned, season 11 would do well to serve up a blast from the past. Elsewhere in the interview, Georgia Tennant spoke at length about how she wound up being cast in the BBC’s sci-fi drama in the first place, explaining:

It was just the sort of sheer perseverance. I thought ‘Oh, that’s quite nice that they’re still asking. And I suppose I feel like there’s been enough time now that I feel like I wanted to revisit it, and I could do that with a sort of fresh head on. Because I’ve been talking about that one episode I did for quite a long time.

And telling the same stories over and over again. And I thought ‘Oh, I should probably stop telling these stories now. Getting a bit dull for everyone.’ And then I thought ‘Oh you know what actually – I can probably come back to this, revisit it, and in a way, it’s great because you can create an entirely new character. Because she didn’t exist before that episode, and she only existed for that time. We could imprint whatever personality we wanted on her.

Doctor Who returns to our screens with or without Tennant this October, and if you’re wanting to delve into the archives, the BBC has now made all episodes available to watch online.