The Doctor’s Daughter Returns In Trailer For New Doctor Who Audio Series


Back in 2008, the Doctor got himself a daughter in the shape of Jenny, a clone soldier derived from his DNA who only appeared in a single Doctor Who episode, suitably titled “The Doctor’s Daughter.” Despite fans wondering what happened to her for the past ten years, though, Jenny never returned….until now. The character is finally making a comeback in a new audio series from Big Finish Productions and as you can see from the trailer above, Georgia Tennant (nee Moffett) is back onboard as Jenny.

The actress’ casting has always tickled fans, as she’s actually the real-life daughter of Fifth Doctor Peter Davison and funnily enough, she later went on to marry her on-screen father, David Tennant. Starring alongside her in Jenny’s own spinoff series is Sean Biggerstaff, who you might know as Quidditch captain Oliver Wood in the first two Harry Potter movies.

Thought it’s taken a decade for Jenny to return, it would’ve happened a lot sooner if it were up to Tennant. She’s admitted that she was a bit annoyed her character was never brought back after her solitary appearance and has said she never once had a conversation with the showrunners about reprising the role. She’s still keeping her fingers crossed though that she could meet her father mother again in the form of Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor.

While we don’t know if that’ll ever happen, it’s certainly possible that she might get to work with her husband once more. Big Finish have released a few boxsets starring David Tennant in the past, so we wouldn’t put it past them to reunite the Tenth Doctor and Jenny in a future audio drama. For now, though, the first boxset for Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter looks set to include a few fan-pleasing features and is something you’ll definitely want to check out.