Gina Carano Was Reportedly Warned About Her Social Media Behavior Several Times

Cara Dune Mandalorian

The dust isn’t going to settle on Gina Carano‘s dismissal from The Mandalorian for a good while yet, with the decision to terminate the former MMA fighter’s contract proving to be just as divisive as the social media activity that got her the boot in the first place.

Certain sections of the fanbase had repeatedly called for her dismissal in the wake of a string of controversial and confrontational posts, but having different political beliefs to half of the country is no grounds to give someone their marching orders. However, comparing the plight of the modern conservative to being Jewish in Nazi Germany definitely is, but it wasn’t long before the backlash began.

Carano’s supporters have since called for Pedro Pascal to be dropped as well, while Disney and Lucasfilm are being accused of double standards. The actress also recently revealed that the studio had asked her to release an apology that had been crafted by their PR team, but she refused and wanted to do things her own way.

The latest reports making the rounds say that the former Cara Dune had been repeatedly warned by her paymasters as well about the often inflammatory and incendiary nature of her social media activity, which is one of the reasons why any plans for a solo spinoff were put on hold and she wasn’t featured at all during the major Disney Investor Day presentation that laid out the future of Star Wars on the small screen.

The good news for Gina Carano and her supporters is that she’s diving headfirst into her online persona thanks to a new movie being developed alongside Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire, but the bad news is that Cara Dune action figures are set to skyrocket in price for collectors as the royalties already begin to dry up.