Gina Carano Reportedly Would’ve Been Fired Long Ago If It Wasn’t For Jon Favreau

Gina Carano

Barely a week goes by without the internet demanding that Gina Carano be fired from The Mandalorian based on her social media activity, which continuously rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Obviously, there are no legal or contractual grounds to get rid of her based entirely on her personal and political beliefs, and the actress is only set to play a bigger role in the future thanks to recently announced spinoff Rangers of the New Republic.

The former MMA fighter has become increasingly defensive, though, which is pretty understandable from her point of view when she can’t go anywhere near Twitter without being hit by a torrent of abuse, and the best case scenario for both sides of the argument would be to just shut up completely and let the whole thing blow over. After all, the more people spew vitriol towards Carano, the fiercer she’s going to defend herself, and the end result isn’t going to make her, the fans, Disney or Lucasfilm look good in the long run.

Now, however, a new report claims that the 38 year-old would have been fired long ago if it wasn’t for Jon Favreau, with The Mandalorian‘s non-political creator and showrunner said to be insulating her from the ire of those in power at Lucasfilm. Of course, this remains completely unconfirmed and those in the boardroom could likely easily fire Gina Carano if they really wanted to, so we advise taking it with a grain of salt.

“If Carano was employed in any other part of Lucasfilm, she’d be gone, and she would have been let go long ago. The question now is whether or not Favreau can protect her,” says the report.

True, Favreau might be the golden boy of Star Wars at the moment, but he probably couldn’t overrule his superiors at an executive level, and the idea of firing someone from a high profile and high paying gig based on them having a difference of opinion is a can of worms that the studio are best not opening at all.