Gina Carano Throws Shade At Disney After Poll Suggests Most Americans Support Her

Gina Carano

Gina Carano has hit back at Disney for sacking her in the wake of controversial comments she made on social media.

The actress, who recently confirmed she’d been hired by The Daily Wire to produce and appear in her own movie, highlighted over on Twitter a poll carried out by the website primarily concerned with asking Americans about their personal opinions of the situation. According to the questionnaire results (via Survey Monkey), roughly two-thirds of participants believe that The Walt Disney Company is pandering too much to so-called “woke culture” and 58% had a favorable opinion of Carano herself, following her being fired.

When shown the now-deleted Instagram post largely believed to be responsible for her dismissal – one which appeared to liken the incitement of hatred towards Jews by Nazi Germany to that of a Liberalist smear campaign against the Republican party – 39% of respondents said that, while worded poorly, they did not view its contents as warranting her dismissal, while 34% said they found nothing offensive.

In any case, you can see the actress’ tweet about the poll below, also showing how there’s some “unusual activity on the post where the likes seem to decrease in a matter of minutes.”

Overall, a large majority (73%) aligned with the view that Disney should never have used the above as justification for Carano’s contract being voided, with support for the House of Mouse also showing signs of sliding. A win of the popular vote for the former Mandalorian alumni it may be, but it’s worth noting, if only for clarity’s sake, that no demographic details accompany the poll results. It’s possible, then, that the sample misconstrue the general sentiment, though if the star’s Twitter feed is any indication, the platform – considered to be left-leaning – is supporting the survey’s findings.

Will this mounting pressure ultimately push Disney into making a U-turn on its current stance? Unlikely, as it’s safe to say that the company has already burned any bridges with Gina Carano at this point.