Good Omens’ David Tennant And Michael Sheen React To Fan Shipping


Good Omens was widely praised for its imaginative scripts, great direction and all-round unlikely feelgood take on the end of the world. However, 100% the most popular element of the show is the central dynamic between Aziraphale and Crowley, the angel and demon who team up to avert the apocalypse.

In particular, Good Omens fans love to ship them. The odd couple are clearly depicted as being in love with each other and a lot of folks think that it’s a romantic love they share. While that remains to be confirmed, Nerdist caught up with stars David Tennant and Michael Sheen and asked them what they make of all the shipping and how they perceive the duo’s relationship.

“They are in a codependent relationship,” offered Tenant, before admitting that there’s much about the characters we don’t know. “We don’t know what their… private lives are. They’re supernatural beings.”

Sheen then talked about how, as natural enemies, Aziraphale and Crowley don’t tend to express their love – whichever kind it is – too much, though it comes out occasionally. “There’s a lot of underlying unspoken-ness,” the actor says, “and it comes to the surface now and again.”

Sheen has previously revealed that he firmly believes Aziraphale loves his hellish friend, while Tennant has commented that, as celestial beings, we can’t compare their dynamic to us mere mortals.

Showrunner Neil Gaiman – who also co-wrote the novel the series is based on with the late Terry Pratchett – was asked about it on Twitter as well by a fan desperate to know if the pair were “gay.” Gaiman responded that the term wasn’t accurate as the characters aren’t “human males.” When another fan asked him to clarify if they loved each other, Gaiman answered “absolutely.”

It looks like this is something fans will be left to decide on their own then, as Gaiman has stated that he has no plans for either a second season or any spinoffs. At least we have six hours of Good Omens goodness on Amazon Prime Video to watch over and over until the world ends.

Source: Nerdist