We Got This Covered’s Top 10 TV Shows Of 2016

10) High Maintenance


Criminally underseen but hugely appreciated by those who caught it, HBO’s new series High Maintenance is as effortless as they come. Using the framing device of a single weed dealer’s brief glimpse into the strange lives of his clients, the show is both experimental in its structure and off-the-bat enthralling.

It’s the ultimate fly-on-the-wall story (stories, I should say) that not only feels different and exciting for its oddities, but smartly and shockingly poignant for its end-of-the-day takeaways from a group of diverse, happy, depressed, triumphant, and lonely people who just want a little weed.

Experimental, surprising, and abruptly poignant in ways you would never see coming, High Maintenance‘s effortless execution – one full of intensely relatable, transient New Yorkers – is the stuff that year-end lists are made of and cements its status as must-watch television.