Gotham EP Hopeful For A Catwoman Spinoff


I don’t know about you, but I’m somewhat displeased at how Selina Kyle was handled in Gotham‘s series finale. As a whole, I thought the episode was satisfying, but seeing the gal fated to be Catwoman pilfering jewels in a costume lacking cat ears was downright disappointing – and especially when you consider how the series had leaped forward by ten years. Hey, if they can show us Batman, then why not Catwoman? Or even say her name? I really don’t get all the ridiculous red tape involved.

Still, Selina heavily factoring into the finale got TV Line thinking about how there’s room to fill in that ten-year gap, specifically by letting us know how the feline fatale occupied her time. While chatting with executive producer and showrunner John Stephens, the outlet asked him if it were possible for a spinoff starring Lili Simmons (the actress following in the footsteps of Camren Bicondova) to see the light of day. Here’s what the head honcho said:

“I don’t know that it’s planted. I’d say… hopeful?”

Based on Stephens’ response, I’d say planting seeds for a potential Catwoman show hadn’t even been on his mind before he sat down for this interview, but now he seems intrigued by the possibility. Still, the decision is ultimately up to Fox, and I think they’re done with the Gotham brand at this point.

But even if the project were to be given the green light, could you even call it “Catwoman”? I mean, Selina Kyle is one of my favorite characters and I’d be guaranteed to watch, but if she wasn’t the fully formulated icon in last night’s finale, then she probably couldn’t be in her own series if it were indeed to fill in that ten-year void.

At the most, the only way I’d see the Gotham mythos expanding would be for DC to continue it as a comic book series, just as they once did with Smallville. But when it comes down to it, we must never say never, because even Alfred Pennyworth is about to get his own TV show.

Source: TV Line