Gotham: Erin Richards Hints At “Big Change” For Barbara, Drops More Possible Harley Quinn Breadcrumbs


Although many key characters on Gotham are set to take great strides in their respective personal journeys when the series returns with its spring premiere in a matter of weeks, one in particular has inspired much conversation in recent memory – that of Barbara Kean, played by Erin Richards.

Basically, the reasoning behind this is that some fans have long theorized that she’ll eventually transition to becoming this show’s version of Harley Quinn, much to the chagrin of staunch purists. And while I certainly understand any consternation that ilk may be expressing, I’ve come to accept Gotham as its own beast throughout the course of its young history.

As for Barbara transforming into the Clown Princesses of Crime, well, it’s not exactly the wackadoodle conspiracy theory you’d think. You see, not long ago, Richards herself confirmed that Harley Quinn discussions had occurred with the show’s creative minds and, soon after, it was said the character will be showing up in some capacity in the season finale.

Obviously, something significant will have to happen very soon that “leads to a big change in her,” which could very well be a falling out with Tabitha, as Richards said the following in a recent interview with Moviefone:

“Then Tabitha, I would agree, yeah, that’s her only other person that she actually feels a connection with, because everybody else she sort of uses. But Tabitha she really needs, and I think needs on several levels, like emotionally and physically, she needs to be protected by Tabitha because Tabitha can fight, and she can’t fight.

“Yeah, I think that connection between them is something that she cherishes, even though she might not admit it. And, unfortunately, in this part of the season, we’re going to see that very strained because of what’s happening with them now.”

As we continue piecing it all together, I’ll refer you to what she had to say when the publication asked if she’d go “full supervillain” and if the result would be “a classic”:

“Absolutely. I think it’s sort of the next natural progression for her. We may or may not see something like that happening in the final episode [of the season].

“I know what you’re going for here. I know what it is, and it’s great.”

If you were to ask me, everything’s adding up a little too well and what you were able to read above aligns with what Richards had to say on a recent episode of DC All Access. Quite frankly, I’d be extremely shocked if this didn’t pan out.

Gotham returns with new episodes on Monday, April 24 on Fox.

Source: Moviefone