Gotham Fan Launches Petition To Keep Series Alive Past Season 5


While I may wish for Gotham to continue for quite some time, I’m at least grateful that we’ll be receiving a fifth season set to consist of 10 episodes, as the alternative would’ve seen the show being cancelled on a cliffhanger. This way, the producers have the opportunity to wrap up the story, thus allowing for Bruce Wayne to take his final strides toward becoming Batman.

Still, there remain those who won’t go quietly into the night, with a petition calling for the series’ survival surfacing over at Granted, these things rarely ever work, but this effort still stands as a testament to how Gotham has touched a number of viewers.

Naturally, several suggestions are offered, the first of which is quite reasonable:

1) Don’t end it with Season 5. Maybe move it to another network after Season 5.

Now, if Fox really wanted to, they could move the show to a sister station such as FX or FXX, but their failure to do so says they’re ready to call it quits. Of course, there are those who’ll pull The CW card, but they’re loaded up enough as it is – and if they didn’t pick up Lucifer, I doubt they’ll grab the Batman prequel.

The next three solutions, however, are beyond terrible, but here they are anyway:

2) Call it something like Season 10 or Season 20 so that it feels like the end but it could make a comeback to continue the story in-between Season 4 and the end and could continue later on another network or be renewed on Fox itself.

3) Make separate shows for few or at least one of the best villains (same Gotham actors probably the Penguin) and merge it back into Gotham when it can be revived.

4) Drop Gotham Season 5 from Fox and take time to find a better solution to #KeepGothamGoing. Fans can wait. (Maybe this is not possible because the Fox schedule has already been fixed)

I have no idea why anyone with a job in the entertainment industry would skip to numbering the next season as being “10” or “20” because it’d cause numerous headaches, nor would suggestion #3 work because it’d make little sense for Fox to create spinoffs for a show they no longer deem as being much of a success. Suffice it to say, I’m not even going to dignify #4 with a response.

Gotham Jerome Jeremiah Joker

The final proposal, meanwhile, isn’t too outlandish, but it pays to keep up with current events, which I’ll elaborate on momentarily:

5) Like I said above make a separate network for DC shows or urge DC to make one. There are a more DC shows coming up. And there are lots of animated DC movies/series that could run on it. The #CWNetwork could probably help with this.

Um, there is a DC-centric network on the way, and it launches later this year in the form of the streaming service known as DC Universe. I could see Gotham reruns being included on it, but enough money has already been sunk into various other series.

To be honest, the only way I see Gotham continuing on – and this is admittedly somewhat far-fetched – is if DC were to launch a Season Six series of comic books chronicling the adventures of the Batman that David Mazouz becomes, similar to what the publisher did a few years back with Smallville Season Eleven. Time will tell, of course, but fingers remain crossed.