Every TV Show Set To Air On The DC Universe Streaming Service


Around a year ago, DC fans got some exciting news when it was revealed that the superhero studio were working on a Netflix-style streaming service that would be dedicated to producing original DC content. The first project announced for it was Titans, the first ever live-action adaptation of the Teen Titans, with others having been added over time.

At last, we’ve now got some concrete information on the service. It’s to be titled DC Universe and will launch later this year. It’s a title that sums up how wide-ranging the output will be and how it will celebrate all corners of the DC superhero universe. So far, we’ve got five TV shows announced to be heading to the site, and they look to be focused on a range of different properties.

But what are these five series set to arrive on DC Universe over the next couple of years? Well, here’s everything we know about the service’s output so far. From Titans to Young Justice, there’s much to look forward to, so join us as we dive right in and tell you everything you need to know about what’s coming down the pipeline.

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