‘Gotham Knights’ director shares GCPD set photo

Images via Sony Plastation & CW Studios/Remix by Keane Eacobellis

The CW is nothing if not ambitious when it comes to its superhero shows, and the network will soon be fleshing out its BatVerse with Gotham Knights.

Billed as a new take on the Gotham City mythos that’ll stand aside from the long-running Arrowverse, the premise is that Bruce Wayne has been murdered, and his “rebellious adopted son” ends up joining forces with the children of his rogues’ gallery to bring order to the mean streets.

The shoot is now underway, with executive producer and pilot episode director Danny Cannon giving us a glimpse at the outside of GCPD headquarters.

There isn’t a huge amount of note here, though the brutalist architecture is vaguely reminiscent of the GCPD’s design in Birds of Prey.

We’ve known the cast and who they’re playing for a while now; Oscar Morgan is Wayne’s adopted son Turner Hayes, Olivia Rose Keegan is Duela (likely Duela Dent), Navia Robinson will be former Robin Carrie Kelley, Fallon Smythe is Bluebird Harper Row, Taylor DiChiara is Cullen Row, Anna Lore is (another) former Robin Stephanie Brown, and Rahart Adams is Brody. In addition, Supernatural‘s Misha Collins will play a version of Harvey Dent.

The creatives are reaching deep into the Batman canon for these characters, most of which have never been seen before in live-action. Let’s hope the show does each of them justice, though the Dark Knight-shaped absence at the heart of the story will leave big shoes to fill.

We don’t have a release date for Gotham Knights yet, though it’s like to land sometime later this year on The CW.