Every cast member and character confirmed for The CW’s ‘Gotham Knights’

Images via Sony Plastation & CW Studios/Remix by Keane Eacobellis

The CW is looking to expand its roster of DC TV series yet again next season with Gotham Knights. Unrelated to the upcoming video game of the same name, the show will follow a team of teen heroes as they protect Gotham City in the wake of Batman’s death while also attempting to clear their names after being framed for his murder.

Though Batwoman veterans Chad Fiveash, Natalie Abrams, and James Stotereux serve as showrunners, Gotham Knights is not a Batwoman spinoff and will be set in its own self-contained continuity that’s separate from the Arrowverse. While a full season commission has yet to be made, the show is currently gearing up to shoot its pilot presentation, meaning that a number of its leads have already been announced.

As The CW continues to fill out the series’ exciting ensemble, here’s a guide to every cast member and character confirmed for Gotham Knights so far.

Oscar Morgan as Turner Hayes

First up, British actor Oscar Morgan (Death in Paradise) has signed up to play Turner Hayes, an original creation for the show who’s described as the “rebellious adoptive son of Bruce Wayne.” In other words, The CW is making the bold move of devising its own Robin instead of borrowing one of the many who exist in DC lore.

Taken in by the Bat after the murder of his biological parents, Turner is determined to live up to his mentor’s memory. But, while charming and soulful, Turner has never felt comfortable living in a world of wealth of privilege.

Navia Ziraili Robinson as Carrie Kelley

Raven’s Home star Navia Ziraili Robinson has boarded Gotham Knights as fan-favorite comic book character Carrie Kelley. Notable for being the first-ever female Robin, Kelley debuted in Frank Miller’s seminal The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel.

The TV version of the character is described as “idealistic and plucky as hell” and is noted to have talked her way into becoming Batman’s sidekick. If there’s a building burning or someone in need, Carrie will be the first to the rescue ⏤ just as long as she’s home by curfew.

Olivia Rose Keegan as Duela

Olivia Rose Keegan, best known as Lily in the second season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, is set to play Duela. Labelled as “abrasive, unpredictable, and a little unhinged,” Duela was born in Arkham Asylum and abandoned by her father, the most dangerous man in Gotham. But, as a born survivor, Duela forged herself into a brutal fighter and skilled thief.

Duela looks to be an adaptation of Duela Dent from the comics, who has claimed to be the daughter of everyone from the Joker to the Riddler to Scarecrow. She was previously played by Alessandra Torresani on Batwoman.

Fallon Smythe as Harper Row

Grown-ish alum Fallon Smythe will portray Harper Row, a lesser-known member of the extended Bat-family who goes by the moniker Bluebird in the comics. The character is voiced by Zehra Fazal in Young Justice: Outsiders.

On Gotham Knights, “blue-haired bisexual” Harper is streetwise, acerbic, and often underestimated. She’s a gifted engineer who can fix anything, but she really wants to repair the broken lives of her and her brother, Cullen, the only person she trusts.

Tyler DiChiara as Cullen Row

As the civilian brother of Harper, Cullen Row is a minor character in the comics, having also made a single appearance on Young Justice, as voiced by Ben Diskin. Cullen is being reimagined as a bigger deal for Gotham Knights, however, with Tyler DiChiara (The Virgin of Highland Park) playing him in a regular role.

After years of hiding his true self from an abusive parent, transgender teen Cullen is tired of being polite and agreeable. Clever and adept at reading human nature, he’s now ready to fight his own battles.

Anna Lore as Stephanie Brown

Anna Lore (All American) has been hired to play Stephanie Brown, a character who has taken on the mantles of both Robin and Batgirl in the comics but who is most known as Spoiler. Lore already has history with the DC universe, having appeared on two episodes of Doom Patrol.

Possessing a sarcasm matched only by her intellect, Stephanie — the daughter of the supervillain Cluemaster — has been raised on a steady diet of brain teasers and puzzles, which has honed her skills as a formidable coder. Her greatest talent, however, might be hiding a less-than-perfect home life.

Rahart Adams as Brody

Rahart Adams — most known for his turn in 2016 action blockbuster sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising — is the latest star to join the titular team of teen heroes. Adams is on board Gotham Knights in the role of Brody, a character who seems to be another created specifically for the screen without a comic book counterpart.

Confident and charismatic, Brody’s got the brains and the looks — and he knows it. However, his entitled attitude covers his insecurity and jealousy of anyone who rivals him.

Misha Collins as Harvey Dent

The most notable addition to the show so far, however, has to be Supernatural icon Misha Collins. After saying goodbye to the angel Castiel when Supernatural concluded in 2020 after 15 seasons, Collins is returning to The CW for Gotham Knights to play one of the most iconic villains in Batman’s rogues gallery: Two-Face.

Collins’ casting announcement specifically noted that he’ll be portraying District Attorney Harvey Dent, however, so it’s possible that the once-noble lawyer’s fall from grace following his facial disfigurement will be a major arc on the series. Collins steps into the shoes of previous Two-Face actors such as Billy Dee Williams, Tommy Lee Jones, and Aaron Eckhart.

If Gotham Knights gets the green light, it will air as part of the 2022/2023 season.