The CW’s ‘Gotham Knights’ pilot adds 3 new cast members

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The CW is adding a new show to their ‘Batman’ stable with Gotham Knights. This is being billed as offering a unique take on Gotham City, with Bruce Wayne’s “rebellious adopted son” joining forces with the children of his Rogue’s Gallery after they’re framed for his murder.

This new team is the titular ‘Gotham Knights’, and Deadline is reporting that some new cast members have just been added to their ranks: De Son Vivant‘s Oscar Morgan, Raven’s Home‘s Navia Robinson, and Days of our Lives‘ Olivia Rose Keegan. The trio will join already announced cast members Fallon Smythe and Tyler DiChiara.

Morgan will play ‘Turner Hayes’, an orphan adopted by Bruce Wayne who bristled against his ultra-wealthy world. Hayes is a new character to the Batman mythos, though given how many wards Bruce Wayne has taken on over the years, it’s interesting they chose to create one for the show.

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Keegan is playing ‘Duela’, described as a survivor born in Arkham whose father is “the most dangerous man in Gotham”. This is almost certainly a take on the comics’ Duela Dent, who despite her surname is indeed the Joker’s daughter. Gotham Knights‘ version will be a “brutal fighter and skilled thief”, though expect her to be more of an antihero than a villain.

Finally, Robinson is (appropriately given her name) playing a Robin: Carrie Kelly from Frank Miller’s iconic The Dark Knight Returns comic. The synopsis mirrors her arc in Miller’s story, explaining that she talked her way into becoming his sidekick and is fearless and “plucky as hell”.

Judging by those characters, Gotham Knights is scouring the entirety of the Bat-universe to find characters that haven’t been seen in live-action before. The pilot will shoot soon, so let’s hope it makes it to a full series.

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