Gotham SDCC Poster Teases Bruce Wayne’s Transformation Into Batman

After three seasons, it looks like the teenage Bruce Wayne might be starting his ascent towards becoming Batman in Gotham. If you recall, the recent finale saw Bruce begin fighting crime – and standing on rooftops to boot – and a new poster (seen below) that was released earlier today hints that this is only the beginning.

The one-sheet depicts Jim Gordon’s gigantic face looming over an image of Bruce overlooking the Gotham skyline in classic Batman fashion. Not to mention his dark coat resembles the Dark Knight’s cape. All Bruce needs to do is make pointy-ears with his fingers to complete the iconic silhouette. The poster also reveals what’s likely the subtitle of the first half of season 4 – “Dawn of Night.”

This is just the latest hint that the Dark Knight is about to rise. If you recall, actor David Mazouz previously spoke to and seemed very sure that Batman was on the way.

“Bruce really is taking on this vigilante persona and all the things that go along with that. Whether it be creating another persona, a public persona, that’s also definitely going to be a major part of Bruce’s journey this year. His relationship as this other person. Batman is coming. Absolutely.”

Whether Bruce will don the cowl sooner rather than later, though, is uncertain. What is certain is that Gotham needs its caped crusader more than ever, what with season 4 dealing with the likes of Ra’s Al-GhulScarecrow and, of course, more from proto-Joker Jerome Valeska.

If you’re attending San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, you’ll be happy to know that these posters will be available to fans at the Fox Booth. The show’s panel takes place on Saturday and will likely reveal a lot of juicy details about the upcoming season – including a new trailer – so be sure to stay tuned.

Gotham season 4 returns to Fox this Fall.