Gotham Season 2 Adds James Frain And Jessica Lucas As Villains

Jessica Lucas James Frain

The first major cast additions for Gotham‘s upcoming second season have arrived. Now that Fish Mooney is out of the picture, there’s a spot open in the infamous city for a new villain to rise through the ranks, and it seems like that vacancy will be filled by a new dynamic duo: DC Comics villainess Tigress and her brother.

Gracepoint and Cult actress Jessica Lucas has been cast as Tabitha Galavan, who goes on to become Tigress, while True Blood and Orphan Black alum James Frain will take on the role of her brother, Theo.

Deadline describes Theo Galavan as a billionaire industrialist who is “the savior the city has been waiting for – sexy, heroic, and lovingly devoted to his sister Tabitha.” Gotham’s saviors always come with a catch, however, and Galavan will be no exception. His altruism comes with a veiled centuries-old vendetta. He and Tabitha will “take chaos and violence to a new level in order to bleed Gotham,” while their plan will reportedly lead to the creation of new villains and the destruction of others.


News on Tabitha’s casting comes from TVLine, who describe her as sexy and violent with a penchant for a bullwhip. She’s “the opposite of her cold and calculating brother, deriving a sensual pleasure from the mayhem she’s tasked with making.”

It’s worth noting that, while Tigress has been a longtime DC Comics villain who’s gone up against everyone from the Justice League to the Teen Titans, she’s never gone by the name Tabitha Galavan (and never had a brother), meaning that this is likely going to be a major departure from the source material. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but something worth looking out for nonetheless.

Gotham will return to Fox on Monday, September 21st, 2015. Tell us, are you happy to hear that Tigress is making the trip to Gotham next season? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Deadline