Gotham Season 5 Poster Sees Jim Gordon Stand On The Brink Of No Man’s Land


When it comes to Gotham, Fox and EP/showrunner John Stephens are bracing for one last roll of the dice.

The hit superhero prequel series isn’t expected to return until 2019, but when it does, Gotham‘s 10-episode new season will also be its last, which is both incredibly exciting and also a little bittersweet.

We say incredibly exciting because Gotham‘s fifth and final season is poised to draw elements from “Batman: Zero Year” and the famous “No Man’s Land” comic arcs, resulting in more screen time for Bruce and Selina’s fledgling relationship. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, Fox has today premiered the official key art for Gotham season 5, which places Jim Gordon on the brink of the abyss.


Lean a little closer and you’ll be able to appreciate the extent of Gotham’s ruination. Far into the distance, we see smoke billowing from skyscrapers, creating a dense fog that hangs over this most famous city. The takeaway? Residents of Gotham are in for a pretty rough ride in season 5, which is expected to feature such A-list villains as The Riddler and maybe – just maybe – a revamped version of the Joker.

On the other side of the moral spectrum is lead star David Mazouz, whose proto-Batman is all but ready to take flight. Indeed, the actor has already envisioned a Smallville-like finale for Gotham, though it remains to be seen whether Fox will bring the curtain down just as Bruce Wayne dons the cape and cowl for the very first time. Stay tuned for more as the network’s Batman prequel series inches closer to its 2019 premiere.