Full-Length Gotham Season 5 Trailer Teases The End


Earlier today, we reported on a brief trailer pertaining to Gotham season 5 that’d been circulating. Basically, it teased the next significant preview to come, with the last substantial one being screened at New York Comic Con back in October. And though what arrived tonight wasn’t nearly as long, it may have actually given us more to go on.

Seen at the top of this article, the latest promo is chock full of intriguing exhibits for us all to thoroughly examine. And like some of you, I’m captivated by anything involving Jeremiah Valeska.

In addition to this series’ not-Joker being joined by Ecco, his not-Harley Quinn, we’re rewarded by witnessing a maniacal laugh to call his own. I’d previously wondered if the prelude teaser used a Jerome soundbite, but it actually appears as though Jeremiah has let go of his calm, collected demeanor and embraced madness. Hey, we can only hope.

Also of note is a glimpse at Shane West as Bane, who looks to be granted his mask in an effort to relieve pain. If I were to hazard a guess, the man otherwise known as Eduardo Dorrance will fall victim to an accident at some point during the season, thereby forcing him to require an extreme makeover.

So, aside from geeking out over Scarecrow rallying his own gang following the event’s of “No Man’s Land,” I can’t help wondering why Selina Kyle has literal cat eyes. Right now, my gut tells me she’ll probably take some sort of experimental treatment that’ll help her walk again, thus granting her cat-like abilities. In a way, it’s a nod to Michelle Pfeiffer’s quasi-supernatural Catwoman, but let’s hope the producers take zero inspiration from Halle Berry’s iteration.

Finally, I’m assuming you may be wondering just who Bruce Wayne is fighting near the end of the reel, and the answer is most likely Orphan. Well, either him or someone working at the behest of Mother. Don’t forget, those macabre folks were teased in last spring’s finale, so expect to see more of them come winter.

Gotham returns for its fifth season on Thursday, January 3rd on Fox.