First Look At Selina Kyle And Bruce Wayne In Gotham


Gotham Catwoman

Fox’s Jim Gordon-centric series, Gothamis currently filming in New York City and we’ve been seeing a steady stream of both official and non-official images hit the Web over the last couple of days. From Ben McKenzie in action as a clean shaven detective Gordon, to an official look at Donal Logue as Gordon’s corrupt partner Harvey Bullock, we’ve seen quite a bit. Now, the Gotham promotional campaign continues as we get the first official image of newcomer Camren Bicondova as a young Selina Kyle.

Unfortunately, what we see here isn’t that great, as it continues the trend of DC releasing official images with really crummy CGI backgrounds. That being said, Bicondova does seem to fit the role of teenage orphan/pickpocket quite well.

In addition to that photo, we also have a new batch of set pics to share with you, which feature our first look at David Mazouz as the young Bruce Wayne as we see him walking happily with his parents. We also have a great image of Gordon and Bullock together, and some cool shots of Bicondova in action as the future Catwoman, stealing a half gallon of milk (how appropriate!) and wearing goggles that just hint at the cat ears she’ll eventually don. They actually remind me a bit of how Christopher Nolan pulled off the iconic look in The Dark Knight Rises, and I think they’re a very nice touch.

As filming progresses on Gotham I’m sure that we’ll continue to see more images from the series, both official and non-official. In the meantime though, tell us, what do you think of Bicondova’s Selina Kyle and Mazouz as Bruce Wayne? Sound off below!