Gotham Star Promises An Action-Packed Season 5


With Gotham‘s fifth season being confirmed as its last, there’s obviously a lot for the producers to accomplish before reaching the finish line. I mean, not only will Bruce Wayne become Batman before the final credits roll, but we also have dangerous guys like the Joker-ish Jeremiah Valeska running around – and those on the wrong side of the law will undoubtedly be up to all sorts of no good.

Normally, we’d have 22 episodes to spread all that mayhem across, but the final leg in the journey will be considerably more truncated than previous offerings. Don’t forget, actress Camren Bicondova said we’re to expect only 10 more episodes once the saga resumes.

Now, it’s David Mazouz, the young Bruce Wayne himself, backing that up. While speaking with, he confirmed the shorter run, in addition to teasing one hell of a barn-burner to come:

“Crazy. Yeah. It does, it does ramp up, because you know we kind of fit the meat of 22 episodes into 10 and so you’ll see the episodes are crazy action-packed. Like you know it’s kind of sad because I always found these to be kind of sweet moments, but we kind of have slimmed down on the scenes, the kind of more quiet scenes between two characters talking about the events of the episode, Sean and I had a lot of those in the kitchen or in the study. Kind of haven’t had a lot of those because every second is just filled with action, plot moving the story along, getting the characters where they need to go and I think it will be exhilarating as a viewer to watch. I can’t put any of the scripts down.”

Aside from villains such as Mr. Freeze, Penguin, Firefly and Scarecrow carving out their own territories following the events witnessed in “A Dark Knight: No Man’s Land,” one would think the arrival of Bane to the series also guarantees much more in the way of action. Granted, the brute is a meticulous planner, but it’s not like he’s been known to sit on the sidelines when the time comes to kick some ass.

Gotham returns for its fifth season sometime in early 2019 on Fox. As always, we encourage that you keep watching this space as more details come to light. After all, the first trailer is anticipated to drop this Sunday at New York Comic Con, and we’ll definitely have it for you if indeed the big reveal happens.

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