Gotham Actor Teases Bane’s Arrival In Season 5


Now that we know Gotham‘s fifth season will be its last, it sounds like the producers are going with the “kitchen sink” mentality as they continue crossing villains off their bucket list. Already, we’re aware that the likes of Scarface and Mother will pop up, but we’ve also been told to stay attentive if indeed the true Harley Quinn is to make an appearance.

Though the Batman prequel series hinted at the Venom drug in its earlier days, it looks as though Bane himself will arrive before the series takes its final bow. Don’t forget, episode 8 of season 5 will indeed be titled “I am Bane,” a nod to Tom King and David Finch’s recent masterwork on the comic book side of things.

Adding fuel to the fire was the recent casting of Shane West as Eduardo Dorrance, whom some believed to be the brute’s father, King Snake. But, I must stress that character’s real name in the comics was actually Edmund Dorrance, so I’m thinking Gotham’s producers gave the iconic villain a real name similar to that of his dad’s so that we don’t know he’s Bane from the outset – then he’ll crush the city under his boot once he’s good and ready.

Now, it’s West himself who’s intrigued us by posting a cryptic video on Twitter captioned with “Hello Gotham…I’m here.” Seen below, he’s sporting a makeshift mask as if he were robbing a train in the 1920’s.

What makes this all especially painful is that we have to wait until 2019 for Gotham to return with new episodes. Recent rumors point toward a March premiere date, but let’s hope that once Fox makes the official announcement that they lock it in for January. Seriously, the suspense surrounding this and anything having to do with Jeremiah Valeska is killing me.