Gotham Season 5 Episode Titles Reveal The Arrival Of Bane


Gotham is due to end after its 10 episode fifth and final season, so fans can expect a run that’s jam-packed with Bat-goodness as the story pushes Bruce Wayne to the brink of becoming the hero the city needs right now. What’s more, we can also expect some key new villains to be introduced into the show’s mythology. Those we know so far include Scarface, Mother and possibly Harley Quinn to boot.

This new batch of episode titles, however, reveal another major Batman foe that some fans may be surprised to see considering where Gotham falls on Bruce’s timeline. The title for episode 8 of the new season, in particular, leaves no room for confusion in unveiling which of Batman’s antagonists will debut next.

  • Episode 5×05: “Pena Dura”
  • Episode 5×06: “The Air is Getting Slippery”
  • Episode 5×07: TBA
  • Episode 5×08: “I Am Bane”

Yes, Venom-powered muscle man and malevolent genius Bane is coming to Gotham! This follows news that the show was casting Bane’s father, Eduardo Dorrance AKA King Snake. It’s also worth mentioning that episode 5, “Pena Dura,” presumably refers to the Caribbean prison Pena Duro that holds Bane in the comics – this was switched for The Pit in the villain’s most famous movie appearance, The Dark Knight Riseswhere he was played by Tom Hardy.

Presumably, then, the middle of season 5 will feature an introduction arc for the young Bane, leading up to the point where he properly becomes the supervillain destined to break Bruce’s back in episode 8. It’s intriguing that episode 7’s title is being kept a secret, though. We can’t really think of anything else that would be more spoiler-y than “I Am Bane.” Unless it’s “I Am Batman,” of course.

Gotham is set to air for one final ride when season 5 arrives on FOX at some point in early 2019. Will you be tuning in, though? Be sure to let us know!

Source: Spoiler TV