Gotham May Be Casting A Major Batman Villain For Season 5


Now that we know Gotham‘s fifth season will be its last, it sounds like the producers are going with the “kitchen sink” mentality as they continue crossing villains off their bucket list. Already, we know that the likes of Scarface and Mother will pop up, but we’ve also been told to stay attentive if indeed the true Harley Quinn is to make an appearance.

Though the Batman prequel series hinted at the Venom drug in its earlier days, it looks as though one last Bane teaser will arrive before the series takes its final bow. According to That Hashtag Show, the producers are on the hunt for an actor to play Eduardo Dorrance, whom comic book readers may notice sounds a bit like Edmund Dorrance AKA King Snake – or Bane’s father.

According to the outlet, “Eduardo has been a warrior for quite some time now, as he has the commitment of a tireless soldier to follow every kind of order he is given. He is intolerant to betrayal, hence his full loyalty to his fellow soldiers.”

Furthermore, whomever lands the gig will appear in episodes 5, 6, 8 and 9, thus assuring they’ll be around until the penultimate chapter in this 10-episode season. My better judgment says the Powers That Be know better than to introduce Bane himself because he’s fated to break Bruce Wayne’s back as an adult, but it may not be too far-fetched to think that Eduardo’s appearance will share some visual similarities with the comic book villain we know and love.

Either way, Gotham returns for its fifth season sometime in early 2019 on Fox. As always, keep watching this space for more casting news and other relevant info as the premiere date draws near.