Gotham’s Number Of Viewers Unfortunately Continues To Drop, Supergirl Stays Put


After a simple report detailing a drop in ratings for both Gotham and Supergirl ignited much discussion on social media, we’ve found it incumbent that we continue monitoring this delicate situation as we find it unfortunate that some of our favorite superhero shows are continuing to dip in viewership numbers.

First, let’s get this week’s figures out of the way. The (sort of) good news is that neither show technically dropped in the ratings, with Gotham holding down the fort with a 1.0 demo rating, and Supergirl doing likewise with a 0.5. Still, those do tie the previous week’s series lows. But what does give us cause for concern is a loss in viewers, knowing that Gotham attracted only 2.92 million, with Supergirl staying put at 1.8 million.

Although Supergirl is technically in worse shape, it has no need to worry for the time being, seeing as how it’s already been renewed for a third season. It’s the devoted fans of Gotham, however, who have reason to worry knowing that it’s yet to see a renewal of its own and, need I remind you, Fox has usually done so in January. Still, not all hope is lost, but I and many of you will likely be waiting on pins and needles until the network announces their fall upfronts in a matter of weeks.

Having monitored the situation on social media, it quickly became apparent to me that many fans simply didn’t know that these shows returned from hiatus, especially Gotham, which was forced to endure a three-month absence normally reserved for the summer months. But now that the word is out, hopefully more folks continue tuning in.

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