Gotham’s Recent Ratings Spike Could Hopefully Save The Series From Cancellation


When Fox went on its latest cancellation spree this week – which, don’t forget, included a DC TV series in the form of Lucifer – one show absent from the chopping block was that of Gotham. Of course, this is no confirmation that the Batman prequel is coming back for another round, but you have to admit it offers the fanbase a glimmer of hope as the networks prepare to unveil their fall upfronts this month.

What could’ve influenced the execs to step back and weigh heavily on whether or not to renew the series possibly came from this week’s spike in ratings. Granted, the numbers aren’t as impressive as those posted in the past, but they improved on lows from the previous week, drawing 2.196 million viewers for the live broadcast and earning a 0.7 share in the 18-49 demographic. Basically, that’s a 16.67% demo increase, with a 13% increase in viewership.

Now, we won’t be ones to jump to crazy conclusions, but it may be a solid bet that the introduction of the Joker is inspiring more people to tune in. Riveting as the show may be on its own, the current arc heavily featuring Jeremiah Valeska has proven to be dynamite.

Given that the Clown Prince of Crime has a proud history of being able to put butts in seats, the powers that be should do all they can to lock down Cameron Monaghan as a series regular going forward. If so, it’s my personal hope that we get, at the very least, a 13-episode season 5 relegated to Friday nights, so the producers have ample time to wrap up the story. After all, does a finale titled “No Man’s Land” sound at all conclusive to you?

If you’d like to play your part, be sure to tune in for the Gotham season finale Thursday night on Fox.

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