Gotham’s Season Finale Will See A “Rebirth” Of Certain Characters


Now that Gotham season 3B is finally underway, our discussion of what’s to come between now and June 5 (the date the finale has been set to air) will continue. Various details have already come to light – some to the chagrin of the show’s producers – and now, there’s a few more coming down the grapevine that we’ll get into today.

Actually, before we start delving into the finale itself, let’s gain an overview of the handful of episodes leading up to it. Fortunately for us, TV Line has been able to tease what’s to come in a nutshell:

PRE-FINALE: When last we tuned in, Nygma sent Penguin to sleep with the fishes, “But in Gotham you can’t keep a bad man down,” exec producer John Stephens warns. “Oswald’s a hard one to kill.” Nygma himself, meanwhile, “takes that next step towards becoming a supervillain,” including the acquisition of the Riddler nickname. The emergence of Frank Gordon leads nephew Jim to “realize that he has sort of a family legacy with the Court of Owls, and he’ll have to choose against that to take it down.” Elsewhere, Raymond J. Barry (Justified, pictured) plays a shaman who “in a very iconic way” nudges Bruce toward his fate, while Ra’s al Ghul (Deep Space Nine‘s Alexander Siddig), we come to realize, “has been a presence in Bruce’s life for a long time” — a revelation that sets the stage for any possible Season 4.

It’s certainly good to know that the Court of Owls will be more prominent going forward, as they were severely downplayed during the first half of the season. How their leader, Ra’s al Ghul, factors into things remains to be seen, but I’m quite intrigued as to where this thread will go in season 4. It’s widely known that this series is currently on the bubble, so it’d be a real shame if it isn’t given the chance to flesh out these ideas, let alone giving us that final shot of Bruce donning the Batman costume.

When it comes to the finale itself, we’re not exactly sure what to make of this synopsis, but it’s very possible we could see Jim Gordon become an iconic vigilante, just as Ben McKenzie hinted at last summer:

SEASON FINALE (JUNE 5, two episodes):  The end of the Jim/Lee storyline leads to a “rebirth” of the characters as “much darker, more dangerous, almost evil versions of themselves,” says Stephens. Bruce meanwhile “takes his biggest step forward yet to becoming the Dark Knight,” and Selina “get her whip.” Reeer!

Gotham airs on Monday nights on Fox.

Source: TV Line