Grant Gustin Cast As Arrow’s Flash

grant-gustin Flash

Last week we told you that the shortlist of actors in consideration to play Flash on the CW’s Arrow was down to three. Those actors were Matt Barr, Grant Gustin and James Mackay. Today, the CW has made its decision, casting Grant Gustin as Barry Allen.

This is simply a guest starring role at this point in time, with Gustin set to appear in three episodes. That being said, there is word that he eventually may star in his own Flash TV show, which would be similar in tone and style to Arrow. The episodes he will be seen in are 8, 9, and 20, with 20 serving as a backdoor pilot for Flash’s own show.

When Barry is first introduced on Arrow, he’ll be a Central City forensic investigator on the police force. He arrives in Starling to look into a series of unexplained robberies that may also have a connection to a tragedy in his past.

Although so far Arrow has been set in a world without superpowers, there’s no way to tackle Flash without introducing some form of powers. The producers of the show say the introduction of his superspeed will be in a way that isn’t common place. There will be extraordinary events in the world, and the characters will act accordingly.

While this probably has little bearing on the DC cinematic universe, Stephen Amell has said that he’d love to continue playing the Green Arrow in a Justice League film. While his Oliver Queen is fairly different than the most popular comic iterations of the character, I love what he’s done with it so far, and can see far worse options than DC adding him to the cast. Perhaps if Gustin is as successful, he can continue on as Flash as well, though I think that would be a bit more of a stretch.

What do you think of Grant Gustin as Flash on Arrow? Is there an actor you would’ve rather seen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.