Grant Gustin Says That The Flash Season 7 Is The Last On His Contract

The Flash Season 4

The global lockdown has caused The Flash season 6 to end three episodes early, but it may also have cost the show its longevity. The CW already renewed the Scarlet Speedster’s solo series for a seventh run, but star Grant Gustin has now revealed that this is the last one he’s contracted to appear in. And the coronavirus pandemic has prevented discussions for him to return for two more seasons from going ahead.

In an in-depth chat with Michael Rosenbaum on his Inside of You podcast, Gustin explained that his continuing career as the Flash is currently in limbo as talks about his future have been suspended.

“The conversations actually had started already for adding a potential eighth and ninth [season], but then this pandemic happened, and everything has stopped,” the actor explained.

Obviously, as with everything right now, Gustin has no idea when he’ll be able to pick up these discussions, so he doesn’t know what’s to come.

“We don’t know when we’re back, and I don’t know when we’re going to continue the renegotiation talks.”

This is a little bit worrying for Flash fans, obviously, as Gustin is, at this stage, only contracted for just the one more season. On the flip side, we now know that there’s a chance The Flash could run until at least season 9, exceeding even Arrow‘s lengthy eight-season run. It all depends on if the network and the star are able to sit down soon and come to a new agreement.

Elsewhere in this same interview, Gustin opened up about the exciting opportunities he’s missed out on due to being tied down to a TV show year after year, so he may wish to free himself up for fresh challenges. On the other hand, he makes his love for the part and the series clear, so it doesn’t sound like he’s in a hurry to sprint out of the Arrowverse just yet.

For now, The Flash season 6 wraps up over the next couple of weeks. Don’t miss episode 6×18 “Pay the Piper” on The CW this Tuesday, May 5th.