Green Arrow And The Flash Face The Dominators In New Promo For DC TV Crossover


The CW has released a new look at the upcoming four night crossover which will play out in Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow later this month. In the event, all of those iconic superheroes will come together to take on an alien race known as The Dominators. Their intentions aren’t clear as of right now, but if we look at the comic books, it’s a safe bet that they’ve come to Earth to take on metahumans as they look to create their own.

In the promo above, we actually get a first look at the aliens, and it’s fair to say they’re pretty terrifying. However, that’s not the only big reveal. The Flash and Supergirl can be seen teaming up to take on an unknown foe, while characters like Citizen Steel and Wild Dog are rocking some pretty cool new costumes. Oh, and Arrow big bad Deathstroke is back as well.

The latter’s return will be as a result of Arrow‘s 100th episode, as that’s set to be part of the crossover. He’ll be among a number of familiar faces returning there, though whether that’s because of time travel or something else isn’t clear. Either way, this crossover looks absolutely epic, and it all kicks off on Supergirl on November 28th.