Gremlins Animated TV Series In The Works

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A relaunch of the Gremlins franchise has been stuck in development hell for years now, with a legacy sequel being discussed or maybe just a straight-up reboot. As it turns out though, the studio has finally set out to work on a new project for Gizmo the Mogwai and it’s going to take the form of an animated series that’s due to arrive on WB’s upcoming streaming service.

Variety broke the news today, confirming that the Gremlins cartoon will be among the first bit of exclusive original content on the WarnerMedia site, which the corporation will be hoping will rival Netflix and Disney Plus, once that arrives. It’s known that the beta version of the service won’t sport new content, so the Gremlins show will likely land online sometime in 2020.

The good news for lovers of Joe Dante’s classic 80s movie is that the animated series will be set in the same world. Specifically, it’ll be a prequel, described as a “period piece” that’ll focus on the adventures of a young Mr. Wing – the elderly Chinese shopkeeper played by Keye Luke in the films – and his adorable pet that mustn’t get wet.

gremlins 2

Though there’s a strong anarchic and horror-infused edge to the movies, Gremlins has always been popular with kids due to Gizmo’s cute factor, so an animated show about the little guy should go down well. Plus, it’ll probably be entertaining for older fans, too, what with the connections to the old movies.

Warner Bros. and Amblin Entertainment will co-produce with Tze Chun on board as showrunner. Chun’s probably best known for his work on Gotham and Once Upon a Time, though he’s also the founder of comic book publisher TKO Studios.

If the series does arrive next year, that’ll mark thirty years since Gizmo and co. last graced the screen in 1990’s Gremlins 2: The New BatchIt’ll also be 36 years since the beloved original anti-Christmas movie released in 1986.

Tell us, does this news of a Gremlins animated show make you pleased? Or do you think there should there be a new movie as well? Have your say in the comments section down below.

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