Hal Jordan Will Reportedly Appear In HBO Max’s Green Lantern Series


One of the most-anticipated DC series coming to HBO Max is Green Lanternwhich fans hope will make up for the infamous bomb that was the 2011 movie starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. In order to distance itself from that film, the show will focus on a different bunch of Lanterns – namely, Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz, Guy Gardner, Kilowog and Alan Scott. But, according to new intel, Jordan will eventually make his big entrance on the series.

Scooper Mikey Sutton of Geekosity has shared that sources tell him Jordan will show up at the end of season 1. Since Sinestro has been confirmed to be included as well, Sutton speculates that Hal could turn up in the finale just at the right moment to defeat the corrupted Lantern. “Luke Skywalker style,” is how he describes it, referencing the internet-breaking cameo from the character in Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian.

After this guest spot, Jordan will then allegedly become a regular for season 2. If you’re wondering if Jon Stewart could also factor into things in the series’ second run, it doesn’t seem like you should hold out hope for that, as Sutton states that Stewart is off-limits for now as he’ll be the star of Warner Bros.’ long-gestating Green Lantern reboot movie. Just to clarify, though, Hal would definitely be recast for HBO Max, so don’t expect Reynolds to return to the part.

EP Greg Berlanti – most known to DC fans as the man behind the Arrowverse – is said to be keen to have a diverse roster of heroes, hence the Lanterns that were chosen to start with, but he also wants to expand the universe as the show continues, which is where Jordan’s delayed introduction comes in. Expect further news soon, too, as Sutton points to Green Lantern entering production on April 12th.