Hannibal Producers Continue To Tease A Revival


Of all the unjustly terminated TV shows out there, Hannibal is the one that hurt the most. I was initially pretty skeptical of bringing Hannibal Lecter to the small screen, but Bryan Fuller’s demented imagination and gorgeous visual stylings quickly made it one of the most fascinatingly unique and bizarre series on the air. It lasted for three glorious seasons, each barmier than the last, before being cruelly cancelled due to low ratings.

But now it sounds as if there’s a chance it could return. A few months back, former series showrunner Bryan Fuller (American Gods) even hinted at a potential set-up for a fourth season, which would seemingly be the lovechild of “Inception meets Angel Heart.” As exciting as that is, nothing’s been decided on just yet and for now, the song remains the same.

Hannibal is still very much on ice for the time being, given Fuller, who was once attached to Star Trek: Discovery over at CBS, is committing his time to the second season of American Gods. Ditto for Mads Mikkelsen, who held a role in Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One last year and is poised to explore the world of video games through Hideo Kojima’s peculiar PS4 exclusive, Death Stranding.

All hope isn’t lost, however, as Fuller recently took to Twitter to reveal that conversations are now underway about potentially doing another season. Again, that doesn’t mean we’ll 100% be getting more Hannibal, but producer Martha De Laurentiis has now hopped on social media as well to tease a revival, Tweeting the following:

If that’s not confirmation of discussions taking place then I don’t know what is, and while it may very well lead to nothing, it’s still great to see that things are in motion and we may be one step closer to getting another season. That being said, it’d definitely be surprising if the show ever returned. Not only is Fuller now busy with American Gods, not to mention that the rest of the cast is tied up with other stuff, too, but as we said above, the numbers just weren’t there to justify keeping it on the air.

Admittedly, that’s not always the kiss of death, as we’ve seen many previously cancelled shows be revived in recent years on streaming services like Netflix, but we wouldn’t hold out hope for Hannibal to get the same treatment. Still, it’s nice to hear that those involved haven’t given up on it just yet and maybe one day, someone will realize what a brilliant show this is and get it back on our screens.