Harlem Begins To Crumble In Fiery New Trailer For Luke Cage Season 2


Per Mariah Dillard’s warped worldview, Harlem doesn’t need a bulletproof black man; it needs a queen, one capable of turning pain into progress as she seizes control of Cottonmouth’s empire.

Yes, there’s a palpable power vacuum simmering beneath the streets of Harlem, and it’s up to Marvel’s Luke Cage to protect his treasured neighborhood from threats old and new. The latter takes the form of John McIver (AKA the Bushmaster), a musclebound foe capable of bringing even Mike Colter’s Power Man to his knees – think Diamondback, only with a cold and calculating heart.

His powers appear to have their roots in the supernatural, as today’s new and likely final trailer for Luke Cage season 2 sees the Bushmaster make his presence felt, much to the horror of Mariah Dillard, who’s still operating on her own accord as she stakes a claim for the Harlem throne.

If nothing else, this fiery final trailer is further proof that the Bushmaster won’t be the only villain for Luke Cage to contend with, as Marvel’s Hero for Hire gears up for a gruelling sophomore adventure.

On a more personal level, Mike Colter’s titular lead still appears to be adjusting to his newfound fame as he walks the streets of Harlem – remember, The Defenders ended with our TV heroes saving New York City from total annihilation. So it’s only fitting that he’s getting some attention for his heroic efforts, right?

Expect all 13 episodes of Luke Cage season 2 to drop via Netflix on June 22nd. And if online chatter is to be believed, the second season of Iron Fist will also be with us sometime before the year’s end.

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