‘Harley Quinn’ showrunner congratulates ‘Peacemaker’ cast and crew

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Peacemaker exploded onto screens last week, and kicked an impressive amount of ass. The show continues the story of The Suicide Squad‘s most memorable new hero, showing some additional complexity, while hinting at big things to come.

We also got introduced to new heroes, with a highlight being Freddie Stroma’s bonkers Vigilante, but the biggest breakout star so far has to be Peacemaker’s eagle sidekick Eagly.

With the show already looking like a hit, Paul Schumacher, showrunner of animated favorite Harley Quinn, has tipped his hat to the cast and crew:

Peacemaker and Harley Quinn feel cut from the same cloth, particularly in their willingness to make fun of (as James Gunn puts it in the show) “cape sh*t”.

Harley Quinn‘s much-anticipated third season was supposed to debut in late 2021, although obviously that didn’t happen. The last we heard was that it’d hit HBO Max in January 2022, but if that’s happening it’d better be soon, because we’ll be in February before we know it.

The upcoming season will continue to explore Quinn’s romance with Poison Ivy, which is the first relatively healthy relationship she’s ever been in. We’re also going to learn more about Ivy’s backstory, with her being fully upgraded to co-lead character.

Beyond all that, there are rumors of an all-musical episode, more jokes about the ineptitude of the GCPD, and an explicit focus on LGBTQ+ issues to go with Harley and Ivy’s relationship.

Here’s hoping Harley Quinn returns soon, as with that and Peacemaker, HBO Max could be on one hell of a hot streak.

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