Hasbro’s The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Merch To Go On Sale This Spring


Everyone loves Baby Yoda, as the tiny green star of The Mandalorian has become a bona fide phenomenon. Despite my suspicions when we were introduced to The Child at the conclusion of the first episode, he’s waddled his way into all our hearts. Given that he’s the character of the moment, you’d expect Disney of all companies to be on point when it comes to Baby Yoda merchandising. After all, the little guy is literally toy-sized and cute as a button. But it seems his popularity came as a huge surprise to them, too.

The geniuses at Disney whose job it is to commoditize the heck out of their IP were caught sleeping on the job. There are no plushies, there are no toys, there’s no cute keychains or really any tangible representation of Baby Yoda on shelves. Caught on the hop, the studio quickly assured fans that they’d rush through some Baby Yoda merchandise for the holiday season and they’ve just put it on sale, but the main reaction to the crappy T-shirts and phone cases they put out was mockery.

But keep the hope, Baby Yoda fans, as merchandise you might actually want to buy is coming and Hasbro have just announced a range of toy figures, which you can see below:

These are a one inch tall Hasbro Black Series collectable (which comes with a small bone broth cup, ball toy and Sorgan frog) for $9.99; a talking plush Baby Yoda for $25; a 6.5 inch figure for $20 and a Bounty Collection including six different figures for $8 each. All are available to pre-order now.

But don’t put any of this stuff on your Christmas wish list, because Hasbro has said they won’t hit shelves until the spring. We don’t as yet know an exact date, but most seem to have settled on Memorial Day as a likely release. Let’s hope everyone is still crazy about The Mandalorian character by then.

Source: Deadline