Hawk And Dove Kick Butt In New Photos From Titans’ Second Episode


Barring Young Justice, I was never really one to indulge in the adventures of adolescent heroes, but I’ve long been intrigued by the notion of a live action Titans series nonetheless. Like some of you, I feel that there exist many DC heroes and villains who are overdue for exposure outside of comics and animation.

Excitement aside, I must admit that I was somewhat put off by the dark and bloody trailer that debuted not long ago, especially the now infamous “f–k Batman line” spoken by Robin. But as showtime draws nearer, I’m strangely warming up to this thing now that we’re being given more teaser material. Of course, I’ll reserve my actual judgment for when the time comes and just enjoy the ride for now.

Yesterday, images from the series premiere hit the web, and now it’s another fresh batch of photos that have dropped with the intention of whetting our appetites for the second episode. Seen in the bountiful gallery below, they feature Hawk, Dove and Robin kicking some serious butt – in addition to introducing us to what appear to be some rather creepy looking folks.

From the look of it, Hawk and Dove have some sort of association with Dick Grayson, so perhaps it’s that roping them into whatever situation’s going down. And maybe it’s just me, but my brain tricks me into thinking the crimefighting duo are Liv and Major from iZombie whenever unmasked due to their hairstyles and colors.

Considering that Titans will deliver fresh episodes on a weekly basis beginning on Friday, October 12 on the DC Universe streaming service, as opposed to serving up all twelve offerings at once like Netflix would, you can readily expect for more images to surface on a regular basis in the coming months.

Source: Spoiler TV