‘Hawkeye’ directing duo hint at a deeper bond between Yelena and Kate

by Keane eacobellis

Last night Disney Plus debuted the 4th episode of Hawkeye, a somewhat slow episode that built up the pace towards the end, resulting in a climactic finale that featured the return of an instant fan favorite.

Of course, this was the fight between Clint, Maya, Kate, and a masked assailant, after getting a few kicks and punches in Maya was outnumbered by quicker moves and weapons before fleeing the scene, leaving Clint and Kate to go head to head with their masked attacker to which was revealed to be none other than Yelena, a Black Widow and also Natasha Romanoff’s sister.

The last time we saw Yelena she was at Natasha’s grave site, believing that Clint was the one who killed Natasha, before being sent on a mission of revenge. Now, she’s in New York finally facing off against Clint. Yet when the time came for Kate to take the shot, there was a moment between Yelena and Kate that left fans wondering what exactly is going on.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, the Hawkeye directing duo Bert & Bertie, explored the relationship between the characters and the fight that happened on the rooftop.

“We always believe a fight scene is so much stronger when there’s a story running through it”

There was a lot happening on that roof with Maya going after Kate, and Clint facing off against a masked Yelena, so viewers could feel the tension between them. Finally, as the last shot came, Yelena gives Kate this look that causes the archer to take a moment before lowering her bow, as explained by Bertie.

It’s a look of warning, like, ‘Don’t mess with me.’ But also, there’s something a little bit deeper where you feel like this isnt the end of their story together.”

With only two episodes left of Hawkeye, fans are eagerly awaiting the return of another character, but already the penultimate episode which airs December 15, and according to rumors will break the internet. Then, of course, the finale airs the following week.