‘Hawkeye’ directors expertly dodge Kingpin questions

Photo via Marvel

Ever since it was confirmed that Alaqua Cox had been cast as Echo in Disney Plus series Hawkeye, rumors of a return for Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin have been bubbling close to the surface of the speculative pot.

It makes total sense when you consider that in the comic books, Maya Lopez is taken in and raised by Wilson Fisk after the death of her father, while she later goes on to form a romantic relationship with a certain Matt Murdock. It’s staring the Marvel Cinematic Universe straight in the face, and the franchise is leaning into it at long last.

The most recent episode of Hawkeye featured the biggest tease of Wilson Fisk we’ve seen yet, and there’s little chance that someone who keeps their ear to the ground like Kevin Feige would do something so deliberate without having a plan in store. Naturally, though, nobody’s talking.

Speaking to TV Line, directorial duo Bert and Bertie were outlining how Echo fits nicely into the revenge-fueled narrative of Hawkeye, which has Clint Barton on the run from both the Tracksuit Mafia and the sins of his past. When the white-suited elephant in the room came up, it was expertly navigated.

“It all became about revenge for her father’s death. She spent her life driven by that moment when she loses him. Watching the show, you’ll probably find out.”

Not that we were going to give up on Hawkeye anytime soon, especially when Wednesday’s installment certainly appears to be bringing instant favorite Yelena Belova back into the fold. After that, the fifth episode has been marked as Kingpin’s potential onscreen reappearance, meaning we’re only eight days away.