‘Hawkeye’ fans are debating the ultimate fate of the show’s main villain

Hawkeye Poster
Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

This article contains spoilers for the final episode of Hawkeye

Ever since a mysterious, imposing but very familiar figure appeared in the third episode, Hawkeye fans have been craving Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin. The last moment of the fifth episode saw Wilson Fisk arrive in person on the show, and this week’s finale sees him getting his hands dirty.

It’s been three years since he last graced our screens in Daredevil, but Hawkeye proves that his vacation from the MCU hasn’t diminished his fighting skills and his insane levels of physical endurance. Throughout the episode, Fisk took a beating and just kept coming.

He shrugged off an arrow to the chest, was immediately ready to fight after being run over by a car, handily dismantled Kate Bishop in a brutal fight scene, and was only eventually brought down when Kate activated every trick arrow she had at once. But even that huge explosion merely stunned him.

Kingpin closed out the episode by stumbling through an alley, only to be met by a very angry Maya. She now knows her ‘uncle’ is responsible for her father’s death and, despite his protestations that they’re family, raises a gun. As the camera pans up we hear a gunshot ring out. So, is Kingpin dead so soon after his return?

Fans aren’t buying it:

Most have concluded that D’Onofrio will stick around the MCU for some time yet. He’ll likely next appear in Echo, which will show what Alaqua Cox’s character does after the events of this show. As many have noted, his final scene in Hawkeye is a reference to a key scene in the comics, so his next appearance may see him (temporarily?) blinded. If so that’d be a fun way to also bring back Charlie Cox, as I’m sure Matt Murdock would have something to say about that.

Here’s hoping we see more of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Fisk soon, as this episode underlined how intimidating he is in a fight.

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