‘Hawkeye’ producer addresses the leaks and rumors


Leaks and rumors are part and parcel of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and while Hawkeye hasn’t experienced anything even close to resembling the barrage of speculation that follows Spider-Man: No Way Home everywhere it goes, fans have still been given plenty to chew on.

After months of scuttlebutt touting Clint Barton and Kate Bishop’s romp through New York City as the destination for his comeback, yesterday’s episode delivered the strongest indication yet that Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin is set to make his presence felt before the sixth and final episode.

This being the MCU, there’s obviously going to be plenty more surprises being kept under wraps, and producer Trinh Tran revealed to D23 Magazine via The Direct that sometimes she wonders how the audiences reaches the crazy conclusions they often come up with.

“I try not to read too much into it, but it is fun at times seeing how fans are coming up with what they think is happening based on what they can piece together. Sometimes, they are spot on, while other times, I wonder how on Earth some of these conclusions came about.”

We’re halfway through Hawkeye already without even a hint of Yelena Belova, something folks aren’t best pleased about, so there’s at least one major subplot still to be introduced. The MCU is always keeping one eye on the future, so don’t be shocked if the final three chapters drop several major bombshells that have huge implications for the rest of Phase Four and beyond.